Mile Stones

Mile Stones of St.Joseph's Province

Date Speciality
02 June 1956 Pala unit starts convents in Thalassery, first house at Kaniyaram, Mananthavady
24 April 1965 Erection of St.Joseph’s Province, Thalassery
August 1979 Shifting of provincial house to Thalassery
29 December. 1979 Inauguration of Josgiri Hospital Thalassery
23 March 1980 Erection of Mary MathaVice Province Mananthavady
10 June 1993 Erection of Udaya region Thamarassery
22 December 1997 Erection of Mary MathaProvince Mananthavady
1 June 1998 Starting of Jai Matha Senior Secondary School Kasagod
1 June 2000 Starting of St.Savio Secondary School Malom
17 January 2004 Erection of Vimala Matha Province, Thamarassery
8 June 2005 Erection of Jeevodaya Region Andra Pradesh
8 December 2008 Centinary celebration of SABS Congregation
19 July 2009 Errection of Amaljyothi Region Gujarath
5 March 2011 Blessing of foundation stone for the new Provincial house Kilianthara
07 November 2013 Blessing of new Provincial house Kilianthara
04 April 2016 Erection of Jeevodaya Province Andra Pradesh

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