Josgiri Hospital, Thalassery

Specialized in Doctor Name
General medicine Dr. K. B. Muneer MBBS, MD
Dr. Nagesh Prabhu MBBS, MD
Dr. Aravind Nambiar MBBS
Dr. Sr. Anjali MBBS, DNB
Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Sr. Louie MD
Dr. P. R. Venugopal MD, DGO
Dr. Sr. Jyothis MBBS, DGO
Cardiology Dr. Galin Sebastian MD, DM
General surgery and Plastic Surgery Dr. Pradeepkumar MS, Mch (Plastic Surgery)
Paediatrics Dr. T.S PohcmPv MBBS, DCH
Dr. Sr. Deepa MBBS, DCH
E N T Dr. Sreekumar Vasudevan MBBS, DLO
Dr. C. V. Muhammad Kunchi MBBS, DLO
Radiology Dr. Sandeep T. K. MBBS, DNB
Anasthesiology Dr. Sr. Celia MBBS, DA
Dr. Satheesh G.K , MBBS, DA
Orthopaedics Dr. Anoop Koshi Mathew MBBS, MS OrthO, D Oratho, Mch Oratho
R M O Dr. Surender MBBS
Homeopathy Dr. Sr. Lillisa BHMS
Dermatology Dr.Shajeera Bheegam MBBS, DVD
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sr.Lisbin M Phil, Phd

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