Convent List

Assumption Convent, Thomapuram (1956)

The first convent of Thalassery province began on 9 July 1956 in Thomapuram. It was started with five members namely Sisters Felicitta, Jovan, Bambina, Rosemaria and Kochuthresia. They came from Palai, stopped at the Bishop’s House to get the blessing of Bishop Vallopilly and then proceeded to the remote area of Chttarickal with Fr. Thomas Pazheparambil and an early emigrant to the area, Mr.Thomas Adichilamackal. The new missionaries dealt with the challenge of living in very limited facilities and conveyance. The Vicar, Fr. Jose Mulavarickal all he could to help them settled. The presence of the sisters was very much appreciated by the people. More sisters came and they began to teach in the school. The convent made arrangements for girls to stay at the convent and get an education. Girls used to come far distance as that was the only High School available in the area. In 1974 they began nursery school there. To accommodate poor girls studying, a Balabhavan was started. Seeing the need, a school was started for the mentally challenged children. 1995-1998, the postulants of the province stayed in this convent. In 2005, the golden Jubilee of the province was inaugurated in Thomapuram Convent.

Mount Carmel Adoration Convent, Palavayal (1957)

Palavayal is a fertile land about 40 Km away from Payyannoor. Since a lot of Catholic families migrated to this place from Pala it was called Palavayal. Their spiritual needs were fulfilled by Msgr. Jerome Dizusa who walked miles to reach the place. In 1957 it became a parish and the people requested the service of the SABS sisters who had a convent in Thomapuram, a neighbour parish. Sisters came to Palavayal on 15 July 1957. At first they stayed in a class room and then a small convent was built by the help of the Vicar and parishioners. The L.P. school Msgr. Jerome started became a U.P. school and the sisters were appointed as teachers in the school. In 1973, a nursery school, attached to the convent, was started. Sisters were very active in the parish activities and faith formation of the children. Inspired by the exemplary life of the sisters many girls from the parish has joined the Adoration Congregation.

St. Mary’s Convent, Manikkadave (1963)

Manikadave is situated in the remote area of Iritty, and there was no road. People had to walk more than 15 Km to reach the place. Sisters came here at the request of Rev. Fr. Jacob Nedumpilly and he helped the sisters to deal with the beginning problems of the community. Sisters taught in the school. In 1979 a nursery was started attached to the convent. In 2000, a social work centre was started to give job to the poor girls. They made host for the Holy Mass besides bouquet and crown for the First Holy Communion and wedding. The area has developed into a developed village with roads, schools and other facilities.

St. Xavier’s Convent, Kilianthara (1964)

It was Rev. Fr. Francis Aruparayil who took the initiative to contact the superiors to start an Adoration convent in Kilianthara, about 10 Km from Iritty. Being on the way to Mysore, transportation to Kilianthara was easy. People of the parish welcomed the presence of the sisters. At first the sisters stayed in a rented house and later Fr. Francis Aruparayil bought some land and helped the sisters to have their own home. Some of the sisters taught in the school. A nursery was started in 1970 to educate the little ones. The head quarters of the Malabar region was moved to Kilianthara. It was also the formation house where the Aspirants, Postulants and Novices were accommodated. Later the provincial house was shifted to Thalasserry and the candidates in formation except the second year Novices, were shifted to other places. As English Medium Schools increased, the demand for a nursery school decreased and eventually it was stopped. However, Kilianthara continued to be an important house of the province. In 2014, a new Provincial house was built and the provincial house returned to Kilianthara. Today St. Xavier convent accommodates the Aspirants and continues to play an active role in the parish.

St.Peter’s Convent, Gonikopal, Karnataka (1968)

SABS that established its roots in the Malabar region desired to spread the Eucharistic devotion to the neighbouring states also. When the CMI Fathers who had started their mission in Coorg, Karnataka invited the SABS to work with them, then superiors took it as a God given opportunity and accepted the invitation. A property with a house was purchased about 2.5 Km away from Gonikopal. The house was repaired and made suitable for living and three sisters started to live there. But, for daily Mass they had to walk to Gonikopal which proved to be a real difficulty. With the help of the CMI Fathers a plot was bought near the monastery and built a house there for the sisters to live. The people in the area had no idea of education. Sisters decided to start a nursery school for the local children. They went from home to home and convinced the parents the need of education and encouraged them to send the children to the nursery school. In 1970, the CMI Fathers were started an English Medium School in Gonikopal and the sisters were asked to teach there. Sr. Therese Francis was made the principal of the new school and she continued in that post until 1999. A few sisters were given teaching post in the school. The nursery school continued to be part of the convent until 2014 when the CMI Fathers decided that they wanted the Nursery school as part of their Eng. Medium School. After much discussion and dialogue, the SABS decided to stop teaching in the nursery school. The nature of the house was changed to a prayer house. The superiors felt that the cool climate of Coorg would be Coorg would be conducive for prayer.

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